Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RS provides energy-winning Discovery kit from ST battery NFC/RFID memory apps

GERMANY: RS Components (RS) has the availability of M24LR Discovery Kit from STMicroelectronics, a leading supplier of semiconductors for electronic applications announced.

The M24LR Discovery Kit is an easy-to-use development platform for contactless memory with unique opportunities for energy. It contains all functions that require engineers for the development of battery-free electronic applications, the data ISO/IEC15693-kompatiblen with NFC-enabled smartphones or Lese-/Schreibgeräten for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to exchange.

The complete development platform supports the quick design and integration of energy-autonomous data acquisition, tracking of assets or diagnostic facilities in many applications. Examples include accessories for phones and tablets, computer peripherals , electronic price signs, home appliances, industrial automation, sensor and surveillance systems and products for personal health care.

The combination of the industry standard I 2 C-bus and contactless RF interface of the dual-interface memory of the EEPROM can M24LR with the host system via wired or wireless communication. In addition, the RF interface of M24LR radio waves from the environment, which are emitted from Lese-/Schreibgeräten RFID and NFC-enabled phones or tablets into energy to power the circuits and to enable battery-free operation.

The M24LR Discovery kit consists of two modules, which communicate wirelessly with each other: a rate controlled by a 32-bit microprocessor STM32 HF-Sende-/Empfangsplatine for wireless communication with a 13.56 MHz Multiprotokoll-RFID/NFC-Sendeempfänger (CR95HF) with Serial data access via SPI and UART and a battery-free board that the dual-interface EEPROM (M24LR), an 8-bit microprocessor with low power consumption (STM8L) and a temperature sensor includes (STTS75).

M24LR Discovery Kit s are now at RS Components in stock and on the day the order ships.

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