Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wavien intros ultra bright LED fiber optic illuminator using RLT technology

USA: Wavien Inc. introduced an ultra bright LED fiber optic illuminator using its patented Recycling Light Technology (RLT), designed for architectural and signage applications.

Wavien's new system combines the improved brightness produced by RLT technology with the long lifetime of LED technology.  This combination overcomes past obstacles to fiber optic signage and architectural applications, which were hampered by the short lifetime of arc lamp illuminators and insufficient brightness of LED illuminators.
Wavien's new illuminator can support both 3M single core fiber or Schott multi-fiber bundles, allowing the RLT system to replace neon-based signs currently used in a wide variety of side-firing applications.

The RLT technology greatly improves brightness to LEDs with full red, green, blue and white color capability.  Using a 4-color LED package allows the light output to be digitally control and produce unlimited color variations. This multi-color capability is not available in traditional neon signs and will provide a new dimension in a broad variety of signage and architectural applications.

Traditional light collection optics platforms do not increase LED brightness and as a result, are not efficient for projection. The basis of Wavien's RLT technology is a very low-cost recycling collar optical component that captures the wasted light in conventional optics designs, recycles the light and redirects it back into the output beam allowing increased efficiency, while reducing the power consumption.

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