Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ShineOn revolutionizes LED lighting industry

CHINA: ShineOn Holding Inc., a global LED lighting solution provider, announced the successful demonstration of its DiscLight LED Light Engine, the world's first fully-integrated LED light engine without any external electronic components, at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exposition on June 9-12, 2014.

ShineOn's DiscLight LED Light Engine integrates a high voltage CMOS based driver IC with multi LED chip arrays on a single substrate. Leveraging its innovative control algorithm design and special IC configuration, this integrated module is capable of connecting to either 110V or a 220V AC power line directly, and can drive the LED array without requiring any additional electronic components such as voltage transformers, inductors and electrolyte capacitors.

Compared to 2-board solutions and solutions with discrete electronic components, ShineOn's elimination of such external components significantly improves the reliability as well as reducing the physical size of the module by more than 70 percent. These factors make ShineOn's DiscLight an excellent choice for indoor lighting applications ranging from 3-20W, such as candle lights, MR Light or PAR Lights.

"The LED lighting industry is at a critical stage in its evolution, and poised for accelerated growth," said Dr. Frank Fan, president of ShineOn. "Similar to the IT industry of the past 30 years, new innovations -- from chip, package, module, to system and software -- are supporting the advancement of this industry. ShineOn's successful demonstration of DiscLight is an important step for us to establish a leadership position, and we will continue to bring together the expertise of U.S. design innovations and Chinese manufacturing to provide advanced, ground-breaking module solutions for the global lighting industry."

DiscLight features include:
* High reliability and a high power factor of 0.99.
* Compact physical size at 19mm x 19mm x 2mm.
* High total lumens efficiency (including driver and LED) of  less than 90lm/W at warm white with more than 80 CRI.
* linearly dimmable device that is compatible with majority of existing dimmer circuits.
* lower total system BOM cost.

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