Tuesday, June 11, 2013

IXYS intros anode gated thyristor technology platform

SWITZERLAND: IXYS Corp. announced a new Anode Gated Thyristor (AGT) Technology Platform.

The first product derived from this new Technology Platform is the CLB30I1200HB, a 30 ampere, 1200 volt single thyristor in a TO-247 discrete package. The gate control of the CLB30I1200HB is connected to the anode side of the silicon die instead of to the cathode side, as done in a standard thyristor.

The combination of the Anode Gated Thyristor (AGT) together with a standard thyristor, e.g. the CLA30E1200HB, gives several interesting configurations. Thyristor phase-leg configurations normally contain two separated gate driver potentials, but by replacing one thyristor with the AGT, it will reduce to only one gate driver potential. This will save one complete gate driver circuit.

Also, an AC switch configuration benefits from the AGT. Here the switch can be operated with only one gate drive circuit. This shows great cost saving possibilities by reducing the gate drive component count. Therefore it will also have a positive impact on the Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) in the final application.

The AGT platform has similar electrical specification as the standard thyristor and is not limited to the 1200V/30A ratings of the CLB30I1200HB. In the future, various die sizes with higher and lower current/voltage ratings are planned to complete the AGT product portfolio. This new Thyristor Platform is made possible by IXYS’ known and proven thyristor technologies and in-house production methods.

Several applications are targeted by the Anode Gated Thyristor for example: line rectifying, soft-starters, motor control, AC power/lighting and temperature control. Generally, power control applications that use TRIACs, or thyristors are ideal for the use of this AGT, with simplified design and better performance.

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