Monday, June 17, 2013

Silego intros smallest full-featured load switches

USA: Silego Technology is introducing two new GreenFET3 load switch products: SLG59M1495V and SLG59M1512V.

SLG59M1512V is a dual channel load switch that is packaged in an ultra-small single 8 pin TDFN 1.0x1.6mm package. Each channel can be configured and enabled independently. This device supports a linear voltage ramp on each channel, and the ramp rate on each channel can be adjusted independently using external resistors.

The device can switch power rails in the range from 1.0V to 5.0V. Each channel can handle up to 1A continuous current and 1.5A peak current. The RDSON is rated at 80mohm.

SLG59M1495V is single channel version of SLG59M1512 housed in 1.0x1.0mm package. This device shares many of the same operating characteristics as the dual channel device, including linear ramp rate that is user adjustable, and 1 A continuous current rating.

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