Monday, September 22, 2014

EMCORE intros dual micro-ITLA tunable laser for coherent optical networking apps

ALBUQUERQUE, USA: EMCORE Corp. announced the introduction of the dual micro-Integrable tunable laser assembly (ITLA) for the coherent market, which has begun customer sampling for qualification.

EMCORE expects the Dual micro-ITLA to be commercially available in the first calendar quarter of 2015.

The Dual micro-ITLA integrates EMCORE's proprietary cooled External Cavity Laser (ECL) technology in a new smaller package that offers all the benefits of the micro-ITLA in a form-factor that requires 25 percent less space than two single micro-ITLA's combined, while delivering the same level of performance.

EMCORE's ECL ITLA technology has been the most widely-used tunable laser source for high-speed 100 and 400 gigabit per second (Gbps) coherent transmission systems, thanks to its narrow linewidth, low noise and excellent frequency accuracy. The smaller form-factor and reduced power consumption of the new Dual micro-ITLA enables customers to design even higher densities into their coherent systems.

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