Monday, September 15, 2014

Molex RJ45 PoE+ Gigabit magnetic jacks with LEDs available from Mouser

TAIWAN: Mouser Electronics, is now shipping the Ethernet Plus (PoE+) Gigabit Magnetic Jacks with LEDs from Molex. These Ethernet jacks are capable of delivering up to 30W of Power over Ethernet power to networked devices.

The Molex Ethernet Plus (PoE+) Gigabit Magnetic Jacks with LEDs, available from Mouser Electronics, supports integrated Power over Ethernet Plus magnetics according to most recent IEEE802.3at standard. It includes ganged 12-port (2x6) and 8-port (2x4) RJ45 modules.

The higher density of the ports translates into a lower placement costs. Gigabit magnetics is compatible with a variety of Gigabit Ethernet transceiver PHYs and is a proven parametric and EMI solution for the leading PHY vendors.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows the transmission of both data and power over a standard Ethernet cable to networked devices. This eliminates the need for separate power supplies for each networked device. PoE+ is the new IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet standard.

It provides the capability for Ethernet switch makers to increase the supplied port power output to 30 watts and is meant to supersede the previous 15 watt 802.3af standard. The specification of this new 802.3at standard is backward compatible, supporting legacy 802.3af devices.

These Ethernet Plus ports are in a standard industry form factor which makes them a drop-in replacement for many existing RJ45 ports. Each port has two single color or bi-color LEDs and can be configured to support a full range of customer LED display requirements.

Applications for these Molex RJ45 Ethernet Plus ports include datacom and telecommunications, industrial networking, gigabit Ethernet switch and router applications, and consumer home networking applications.

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