Monday, September 29, 2014

RS Components enters in agreement with Adapteva

BEIJING, CHINA: RS Components has signed a significant distribution agreement with Adapteva, producer of the innovative Epiphany multicore co-processor and developer of the popular Parallella-16 board.

The partnership will bring the Parallella board directly to customers in Europe and Asia, which comprise almost 50% of the Parallella community, and will enable quicker, easier access to this energy-efficient technology.

Parallella was introduced to the industry through a highly successful Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign with the objective of democratising access to supercomputing. The open-source project now has thousands of users around the globe in one of the industry's most active programming communities.

The open-source single board computer includes the Epiphany III 16 core co-processor on the board alongside the Xilinx Zynq Z7000 dual core ARM processor. The credit card sized device can be used as a development platform, embedded engine, teaching platform or research tool and is easily scalable by clustering boards to create a mini-supercomputer for advanced parallel computing applications.

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