Monday, September 8, 2014

SceneStar LED scene lights available at Newark element14

CHICAGO, USA: Newark element14 announced the addition of SceneStar LED High Power Scene Lights to its offering.

The floodlights are targeted for use in big spaces, particularly with industrial businesses or nighttime emergency scenes where optimal visibility is critical. The 48 Ultra bright LEDs deliver an exceptionally powerful illumination of 20,000 lumens, while optimized thermal management reduces LED temperatures for long life and durability of more than 50,000 hours. In addition to improved performance features, the lights can be used in a variety of versatile application methods.

The brand new SceneStar LED Scene Lights come in two variations: standard and hazardous location. The standard model is equipped with a one-foot “pig tail” cord and customary three-prong outlet. The hazardous location model is designated for use where there is potential for gasses to ignite and comes with a longer, 50-foot cord.

The portable floodlight products also include tri- and quad-pods, 55-130 inches high, where the lights can sit for maximum efficiency. In addition, there are extra mounting options available. The wide variety of configurations allows for the lights to be assimilated into virtually any environment, an important component for both workplaces and emergency situations.

Typical applications for the standard units include construction, building and emergency use. Hazardous location unit applications are oil and gas, utility, industrial and mining.

SceneStar’s low ultraviolet light reduces the number of insects during nighttime operations, and engineered reflectors aid in projecting uninterrupted streams of powerful light output, which can be used in both spot and flood patterns. The SceneStar LED Scene Lights combine performance, durability, efficiency and style.

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