Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Newark element14 launches range of PMOD compatible boards from Analog Devices

CHICAGO, USA: Design engineers looking to extend the capabilities of FPGA/CPLD boards with mixed-signal/analog integration can now take advantage of Analog Devices PMOD Compatible Reference Design Boards from Newark element14.

PMODs are small I/O interface boards that offer an ideal method for extending the capabilities of FPGA/CPLD boards. Analog Devices PMOD-compatible modules offer a wide variety of solutions that provide quick and easy access to leading analog and mixed-signal reference designs.

The PMOD-compatible peripheral modules plug directly into any FPGA/CPU port, fostering rapid development. They can be used with the SDP-PMD-IB1Z interposer board and plugged into the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z platform for performance evaluation.

Quick integration allows speedy access to plug-and-play rapid prototyping and development. The software is easy to download and use and is equipped with clear and simple support, including schematics, reference guides, example software, demo projects and FPGA configuration files.

Key applications for the modules include:
* Field Instruments/Smart Transmitters
* Programmable Logic Controllers/Distributed Control Systems
* Weigh Scales
* Instrumentation
* Chemical Analysis
* Industrial/commercial sensor nodes
* Building Control & Automation
* Rollover/Stability Control
* Avionics
* Servos and Robotics
* Temperature Controllers

“The Analog Devices PMOD boards will provide our design community with a fast, easy and convenient solution for integration and prototyping in FPGA and MCU designs,” said Mike Buffham, global head of product and pricing at Newark element14. “The PMOD boards are now available to our users worldwide and we’re excited to see how they enhance and support design development and performance.”

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