Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Newark element14 launches RIoTboard adapter with multiple accessory I/O interface

CHICAGO, USA: Newark element14 has launched the RIoTboard Adapter, enabling new interfacing and connectivity to a variety of accessory types that do not natively interface to the RIoTboard, vastly expanding its functionality.

The RIoTboard Adapter offers users the ability to connect accessories from a wide range of prominent accessory types, such as Arduino Shields, MikroE Clicks, Pmods and Raspberry Pi accessories. This offers a new realm of opportunity to the community’s engineers for expansion on their current practices with RIoTboards.

Additionally, a number of add-on boards are available for prototyping, including the Wi-Fi dongle which connects via USB and the LCD8000-43T-EX1 display, offering a resistive touchscreen display with 480 x 272 resolution, connecting to the on board on an LCD interface. Other possible accessories include Bluetooth, ADC, Sensor and Thermocouple add-on boards.

Users of the RIoTboard Adapter can access direct support from the 250,000 members on the element14 Community. Virtual field application engineers and community experts are available 24-hours per day, answering questions and providing up-to-date technical information.

The RIoTboard Adapter is priced at $14.99 with same-day shipping from Newark element14.

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