Thursday, September 25, 2014

Newark element14 launches Arduino UNO click shield and accessories for Atmel Xplained

CHICAGO, USA: Newark element14 has launched the Arduino UNO Click Shield, along with a host of click boards and accessories, for the Atmel SAMA5D3 Xplained, a low-cost, rapid prototyping and evaluation platform featuring the ARM Cortex A5-based SAMA5D36 microprocessor.

These accessories feature low-power operation and a small footprint, ideal for quick and easy implementation with development kits.

The Arduino UNO Click Shield fits onto the ATSAMA5D3-XPLD board using the common Arduino-compatible interface headers. It also provides two microBUS interfaces to connect with any click board from manufacturer MikroElectronika.

Click boards are function-specific add-on modules with a common interface - four of which are launching today: the ADC, Bluetooth, SHT11 Environmental Sensor and Thermocouple. With no hardware configuration required, these boards will revolutionize the way new functionalities can be added to development boards like the SAMA5D3.

Additional add-on boards include a Wi-Fi dongle, which connects via USB and an LCD8000 display and an interface board offering an 18-bit touchscreen at 480x272 resolution.

The μC/Probe from Micrium is also available for use with the SAMA5D3. As an easy-to-use Windows application, the μC/Probe is designed to read and write the memory of any embedded target processor during run time, which then maps memory data to virtual graphic controls on a host computer. It is available in both basic and pro editions.

Supported by a 250,000-member strong element14 Community, customers can also benefit from direct access to engineers worldwide as well as other experts in legislation and more.  Virtual field application engineers and community experts are available to support users with up-to-date technical information. 24/7 ordering is also available on the Community.

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