Monday, April 23, 2012

AEG Power Solutions announces Protect BLUE -- high power data center UPS

HANNOVER MESSE 2012, WARSTEIN-BELECKE & HANNOVER, GERMANY: AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS), global provider of premium power electronics, presents the best in class UPS to secure data and IT facilities. Following the successful launch of the Protect 2.33 three phase output, AEG Power Solutions is further expanding its UPS range to cover higher power requirements.

Protect Blue is AEG Power Solutions brand new flagship UPS model. Designed specifically for market leading performance in large data centers, the full rectifier and inverter three level technology provides an unrivalled 96 percent double conversion efficiency and will improve overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

Industry leading efficiency in the data center
Everyone has to be aware of the rising cost of energy and the need to meet important carbon reduction objectives such as the European Union’s 20-20-20 target. The UPS industry has tried to respond by achieving higher efficiencies.

The EU code of conduct for data centers recognizes the need to minimize energy loss, it recommends that UPS systems are only operated in their most efficient mode. Despite double conversion mode being recognized as the most reliable currently available, AEG PS have increased efficiency to 96 percent.

Data center managers are now expected to go beyond the performance management of IT equipment and begin to manage the entire data center infrastructure. AEG PS is known for high quality manufacturing, high availability and remarkable reliability (99.999 percent for its Protect 4 existing high power solution).

Protect Blue has been designed for an expected 15 year operational lifetime. The modular design further enables effective power infrastructure growth as the amount of IT equipment increases.

Very best of applied German innovation
The complete UPS lineup reduces overall TCO for customers by raising UPS efficiency levels across the range. For Protect Blue systems, overall double conversion operating efficiency levels has increased to 96 percent (and 99 percent in Eco mode), while maintaining Tier IV data center requirements.

The updated portfolio is the culmination of many years of intense R&D work to establish the new industry performance standard for a range of best-in-class products and solutions that meet the end-customer’s need for efficient, reliable and high capacity UPS systems.

Using a modular building block approach, the Protect Blue 250kVA single unit can be combined to achieve up to 8MVA. This modularity enables our customers to grow as the demands of their businesses grow.

Protect Blue is AEG PS’s flagship UPS with full rectifier and inverter three level technology ensures reduced switching losses. As a consequence, each power conversion module (rectifier and inverter) is able to achieve an efficiency of 98 percent. This is unrivaled; a standard two level IGBT double conversion technology limits the overall operating efficiency to 93.5-94 percent.

Protect Blue includes a bi-directional rectifier which is unmatched in the UPS market. This removes the need to purchase expensive load banks to perform battery discharge tests. Battery discharge tests are initiated through the rectifier bridge with excess current injected into the mains network. Power protection OPEX will be reduced with these built-in innovations.

Protect Blue will include as standard the IEC61850 communication protocol which makes this solution the first SMART GRID ready UPS. Other protocols such as SNMP, JBus, Modbus, Ethernet, amongst others, are available upon request.

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