Monday, April 30, 2012

Ethertronics’ double shot molding technology shrinks smartphone and tablet antenna volumes by 15 percent

SAN DIEGO, USA: Ethertronics, a leading technology company enabling innovative antenna and RF solutions to deliver the best connected experience, today announced Ethertronics Double Shot Molding technology. This advanced manufacturing technique enables device OEMs to leverage the trend toward ultra-thin smartphones and tablets by minimizing the amount of space required for antennas.

Conventional double-shot manufacturing techniques produce antennas that are 1 mm thick. Ethertronics’ Double Shot Molding technology reduces the antenna’s thickness to 0.8 mm, freeing up space for more components in the mechanical stack-up – all with no performance tradeoffs and at a cost comparable to conventional manufacturing techniques. This equates to a volume reduction of 15 percent in a conventional form factor for the antenna’s space.

Ethertronics’ Double Shot Molding solution also allows complex 3D antenna designs, including radius curvatures, to maximize the limited amount of space available inside today’s increasingly slender smartphones and tablets. This flexibility enables OEMs to create innovative form factors that stand out in the marketplace without compromising performance.

“Our advanced Double Shot Molding technology gives device OEMs a convenient, cost-effective way to meet operator and customer demands for compact, high-performance tablets and smartphones,” said Sung Ki Jung, VP of advanced mobile technology and GM of Korea at Ethertronics. “No other commercial manufacturing technique provides Double Shot Molding’s combination of cost, performance, and design flexibility. This technology is the latest example of how Ethertronics gives OEMs the solutions they need to stay competitive.”

Ethertronics’ double shot molding technology is more than just a manufacturing breakthrough. This technique is the next step in Ethertronics’ evolution to an active antenna and RF system company by enabling the integration of more components within the volume of the antenna – offering greater flexibility in terms of vertical integration.

Antennas utilizing Ethertronics’ Double Shot Molding technique are immediately available to OEMs, with commercial wireless devices expected to hit the market in the first half of 2012.

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