Monday, April 30, 2012

SEFE provides overview of electrostatic motor

BOULDER, USA: SEFE Inc., a technology- and solutions-driven sustainability company, has provided an outline of its electrostatic motor and how this component fits into the design of the company’s flagship Harmony III product.

In layman’s terms, the motor is designed to operate as a generator when supplied with a high voltage-low current power source. SEFE’s lead engineer, Mike Hurowitz, said, “Our team’s ongoing task is threefold: continued research into the science behind our technology; the development and testing of the various components of Harmony; as well as the protection of these developments as they relate to the product that we are building and the space as a whole.”

As to the motor’s role in the overall system, he continued: “This motor will be a key piece of the electrical generation hardware for SEFE's Harmony III system. It will work in tandem with our patented dynamic electrical converter to produce usable AC power directly for immediate consumption, or grid integration. The system can also be buffered with a storage medium.”

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