Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SkyNet digital LED mesh drapes Times Square Tower

TEMECULA, USA: ADTI Media’s latest 2,000 square foot SkyNet digital mesh display draws big advertising dollars for Boston Properties with its prime spot behind the famed New Year’s eve ball in Times Square.

Hanging 34 floors up, this new SkyNet display is 20% larger than the previous and incorporates the latest of ADTI Media’s proprietary digital technology. It plays full motion video with super bright LEDs (over 8,000 nits). The advertisers received maximum exposure as SkyNet adapts the brightness of the LED to the time of day for ultimate performance in full sunlight as well as dark of night.

Pepsi and nine other advertisers took advantage of this opportunity to invest in promoting their brand in an iconic location.

Working with ADTI Media, property owners can reap the benefits of both increased ad revenues and display quality without major capital investments. Digitizing a display can generate up to eight times the ad revenue of static outdoor media. However, depending on the size, a traditional LED display can cost up to seven figures, and require a very complex installation. ADTI Media offers a unique revenue-share option that enables clients to install a relatively non-invasive SkyNet display on their building with little to no capital investment.

“It’s really a win-win situation for everyone involved,” said Jim Martindale, CEO of ADTI Media. “In today’s economy, many businesses are looking at options to increase their bottom line with minimal cash outlay. ADTI is able to offer creative solutions to help meet these needs.”

Boston Properties turned to ADTI Media for a solution to optimize its prime advertising real estate at Seven Times Square. The larger display was installed in December of 2011, just in time to ring in the New Year.

“ADTI Media impressed me with their innovative solutions to overcome the physical installation obstacles,” said senior VP and regional manager, Robert E. Selsam, Boston Properties. “We were impressed, in the short time it was up, with how many different companies were able to display their brand on New Year’s Eve right behind the ball.”

SkyNet’s patented lightweight, pliable mesh design combined with its scalable composition, make it an easy product to customize (both size and shape). With a weight no more than 14.7 kg/sqm and modular panels that are 0.8 square meters wide, you can easily create a SkyNet to fit the size and shape of any unique building façade or entertainment venue.

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