Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rittal re-inforces its commitment to India

BANGALORE, INDIA: Rittal India, the world’s largest manufacturing company in the field of Industrial enclosure systems, strengthened its presences in India by bagging the best innovation award for “Liquid Cooling Package (LCP)”.

Rittal RimatriX5 solves the problem of climate control for high heat losses per rack with the Liquid Cooling Package range. Extremely high heat loads are dissipated from the rack via the LCP air/water heat exchanger. Additionally, this system also allows temperature-neutral expansion of the data centre with pay as you grow concept, in terms of scalability and modularity.

Rittal Liquid Cooling Package is a Green and Energy saving Product. Huge energy savings come from cooling only the racks and not the room, doing targeted cooling of servers / IT equipment in closed loop, avoiding unnecessary waste of energy of cooling the entire data center room. Apart from energy saving, Rittal Liquid Cooling Package also monitors and automatically controls to increase the energy efficiency.

Rittal LCP 60kW is an innovation for HPC (high performance computing) cooling requirement, where the density of the rack is above 35kW. LCP 60kW does the DC cooling with high cooling output in a minimal area, as it’s a known fact that water is the most efficient means of cooling when compared to a refrigerant based system. With conventional room cooling, a very large volume of air must be permanently cooled. With LCP based direct rack cooling concepts, only the racks are cooled in a sealed system. This cuts investment & energy cost substantially. Rittal range of LCP cooling starts from 10kW, 20, kW, 30kW, 40kW, 50kW, 60kW in the with LCP Platform.

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