Thursday, April 12, 2012

Newark element14 stocking Fluke 430 Series II

CHICAGO, USA: Newark element14, the leading distributor of electronic components and engineering solutions in the Americas and a business of Premier Farnell, announced that it was stocking the new Fluke 430 Series II, the first tools to use a patented algorithm to measure energy waste and quantify its cost.

The handheld 430 Series II helps facilities to reduce electrical power consumption and improve the performance and lifespan of electromechanical equipment by providing the ROI justification to mitigate power quality distortion. Electrical engineers, technicians and electricians can now assess the financial impact of new energy-efficient lighting, motor controls and HVAC systems.

As individual installations, these systems consume less energy, but they can increase the level of power quality disturbance in the overall electrical system, thereby increasing waste energy due to harmonics and reducing the total potential energy savings.

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