Thursday, April 5, 2012

Avnet Integrated Resources debuts to serve electronic products aftermarket

PHOENIX, USA: Avnet Inc. announced the launch of Avnet Integrated Resources, a global provider delivering a complete portfolio of aftermarket services to the technology supply chain.

Avnet Integrated Resources is the only company delivering a total solution of end-to-end aftermarket services for electronics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), service providers and corporations, making it easier and faster for them to manage the lifecycle of their technology investments.

Avnet has built a robust suite of aftermarket services through a series of strategic acquisitions to offer a “one-stop-shop” approach to the growing need to repair, refurbish and responsibly dispose of electronic products and consumer electronics. Avnet Integrated Resources offers customers the ability to integrate end-to-end solutions that include:

* Onsite technical field services,
* Board level repair and refurbishment of electronic products,
* Extended warranty, spares management and repair parts programs,
* Responsible disposition of electronic products to maximize asset value at the end of service life, and
* Responsible recycling for recovery of base material value.

“Avnet recognizes the growing need for integrated aftermarket service solutions,” said Steve Church, president, Avnet Integrated Resources. “OEMs have made their electronic products more reliable, powerful and scalable. As a result, their useful life today extends beyond OEM service life support. Corporations increasingly want to maximize their original investments and fully leverage the expanded product life.

“For consumer products, rapid technology advancements mean condensed lifecycles,” Church adds. “Because consumers are replacing smart phones, tablets and other devices more frequently, businesses and consumers continually face the challenge of deciding when to upgrade and what to do with outdated equipment. Managing these changes has created a tremendous market opportunity for refurbished products and extended lifecycle support. Fueled by public environmental awareness, consumers and industry are more conscious of making these changes responsibly and increasingly participate in product trade-in and recycling.”

The convergence of these technological, economic and environmental issues has created opportunities for Avnet to expand into the electronic products aftermarket.

“Avnet is investing in and building its aftermarket services business as part of its overall profitable growth strategy,” said Avnet CEO Rick Hamada. “By expanding into markets adjacent to our core electronic components and enterprise computing businesses, we can leverage some key existing strengths while adding to our overall services, resulting in increased value for both our partners and our shareholders. Our customers have come to count on us for delivering technology, services and solutions that matter, and this is another example of our ability to use our understanding of the technology supply chain to accelerate their success.”

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