Wednesday, March 6, 2013

O2Micro intros OZ8022VM LED driver controller for single-SKU universal LED bulbs

USA: O2Micro International Ltd extended its general lighting product portfolio with the introduction of the OZ8022VM LED Driver Controller.

The OZ8022VM is designed to address the high volume, non-dimming incandescent bulb replacement market, which includes PAR lamps, A bulbs and BR bulbs.

The OZ8022VM supports universal 85V to 265V operation, enabling a single LED bulb to address the global marketplace, reducing SKUs and increasing operational efficiencies resulting from economy of scale. World-class LED current regulation and accuracy over the entire universal input range ensures consistent lumen output globally, regardless of varying line input conditions.

The OZ8022VM features a built-in, high voltage power MOSFET in a cost-effective, small footprint, 8-pin SOP package. The high integration enables a very low BOM count and the absolute lowest cost at the system BOM level, as well as compact design, accommodating space-constrained applications.

Integrated power factor correction ensures high power factor and low THD, enabling bulbs that incorporate the OZ8022VM to meet worldwide residential and commercial requirements and regulations, such as EPA Energy Star.

Industry-leading efficiency of greater than 88 percent is maintained across the entire universal voltage range, reducing energy consumption and simplifying thermal management. During light load conditions, minimum off-time control maximizes operating efficiency. Low start-up current and operation current also maximize conversion efficiency.

The OZ8022VM is designed for non-isolated buck converter applications, utilizing quasi-resonant conversion technology. The OZ8022VM features fast turn-on to meet end-user expectations. Integrated over-temperature, over-voltage, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, LED open circuit and LED short circuit protection, with auto-recovery, provide safe and reliable operation.

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