Friday, March 8, 2013

RDA Microelectronics achieves volume shipments of DVB-S tuners to Samsung Electro-Mechanics

CHINA: RDA Microelectronics announced that it has begun volume shipments of its RDA5815S DVB-S digital satellite tuner to Samsung Electro-Mechanics. The tuner modules are used in set-top boxes sold in emerging markets worldwide, such as India and South America.

Developed on standard CMOS process technology, RDA's DVB-S tuner offers excellent phase noise with very low implementation loss, which is required for advanced modulation systems such as 8PSK and DVB-S2.

The tuner RF IC does not require a balun, and its fully integrated design saves valuable board space, simplifies RF layout and reduces the bill of materials. It is ideally suited for set-top box, digital video recorder and digital television applications.

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