Tuesday, May 14, 2013

AVX’s DP series MLO diplexers now at Mouser

TAIWAN: Mouser Electronics Inc. announced the arrival of AVX’s DP series 0805 multilayer organic (MLO) diplexer, the lowest profile organic passive integrated component on the market.

AVX DP series MLO diplexer supports multiple wireless standards, including WiFi, WLAN, WiMax, CDMA, and GPS, in a best-in-class, low-profile integrated diplexer package that offers the lowest insertion loss available in the industry.

These diplexers integrate existing MLO capacitors and inductors into the thinnest 0805 size component, designed and manufactured based on AVX’s patented MLO technology. MLO diplexers offer several crucial features, including high Q and LGA terminations, and are CTE matched to most PCBs, resulting in increased reliability over silicon and ceramic devices.

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