Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mouser intros MEMS technology site

TAIWAN: Mouser Electronics Inc. announced a new technology site on, covering Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Technology.

The new site is designed to help design engineers find the latest in MEMS products by application, get easy access to the latest technical resources, and speed the design process.

The new MEMS Technology site is a basic introductory resource center to MEMS Technologies, including MEMS sensors, MEMS oscillators, clocks, RF, and other MEMS product areas. The site also offers industry news by manufacturer and application, as well as leading developments in MEMS technology.

Engineers can quickly navigate to find products and information based on defined parameters and design requirements.

MEMS (known as microsystems technology in Europe or micromachines in Japan) are a class of devices characterized both by their small size and the manner in which they are made.

These devices range in length from one millimeter down to one micron and often employ microscopic analogs of common mechanical parts and tools. MEMS parts are not machined. Instead, they are created using micro-fabrication technology similar to batch processing for integrated circuits.

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