Thursday, May 23, 2013

Larson releases magnetic mount LED flood light with pedestal base

USA:  Larson Electronics has announced release of a highly versatile pedestal light that has been built to provide maximum versatility in a compact yet powerful work light design.

The WAL-M-LED60-120 LED work light features a heavy duty aluminum pedestal base with 600lbs of magnetic mounting grip, over 5,000 lumens of light output, and the ability to run from a variety of voltages including standard 120 VAC or 12 and 24 volt DC.

The Larson Electronics WAL-M-LED60-120 LED work light produces 5,556 lumens of light output and provides operators with a versatile lighting solution that can run from a variety of power sources as well as be mounted almost anywhere powerful and durable lighting is needed. This magnetic mount LED work light is highly versatile and can be used as a simple pedestal light, or can be securely attached to metal ceilings, walls, vehicles or equipment using its 600lbs of magnetic grip.

This LED work light is compact in size and has a single 60 watt LED lamp that is rated IP68 waterproof to 3 meters of submersion. This LED lamp produces 5,556 lumens of sharp white light in a wide flood pattern for excellent illumination of large spaces, and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to provide precise light placement. Since this unit is equipped with an LED lamp instead of the traditional incandescent or HID lamp typically used with pedestal work lights, it runs cooler, will not break or shatter if dropped, and will run for over 50,000 hours before requiring relamping.

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