Friday, May 24, 2013

Panacis launches Energy Sharepack product

CANADA:  Panacis Inc. has launched a revolutionary new product called the Energy SharePack, which provides a complete power solution for the dismounted warfighter in a single, smart lithium ion device using universal, bi-directional power ports.

"For all militaries, reducing the burden on the dismounted warfighter and providing sufficient energy to power all the warfighter's devices are top priorities for fighting effectiveness, ergonomics, and logistics reasons," said Steve Carkner, inventor, founder, and CTO of Panacis. "SharePack is Panacis' solution to addressing all these elements."

SharePack provides flexible energy storage, power management, and energy harvesting in a multi-port, 2 lb package that can easily be adapted to a wide range of mission scenarios:

Store - it stores energy internally as a rechargeable battery.
Deliver - it powers one or more devices at the same time.
Harvest - it charges directly from many sources without the need for an intermediary device.
Share - it combines energy automatically with other SharePacks to increase capacity and power output.

SharePack's multi-function capability improves "efficiency of energy use", which means that the individual warfighter and the squad can carry less spares and use less cabling. Recharging can be performed directly from energy sources in the immediate environment, e.g. solar blankets, military vehicle power, DC generators, and even from partially used batteries that would normally be discarded.

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