Monday, May 13, 2013

Skyworks launches family of antenna switches supporting carrier aggregation

USA: Skyworks Solutions Inc. has introduced groundbreaking RF switching technology that is enabling early adopters to implement carrier aggregation solutions.

Carrier aggregation allows mobile service providers to combine spectrum and increase data rate throughput by utilizing two or more bands simultaneously instead of the single band method used currently, thereby giving consumers an enriched data experience regardless of location. Skyworks’ devices support standardized inputs to popular industry chipsets (MIPI RFFE compatible) and address both transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) switching paths.

“Skyworks’ carrier aggregation switching solutions, which are compliant to tier-one, carrier-driven specifications, offer dedicated receive diversity functionality to accompany the primary antenna-switch path,” said David Stasey, VP and GM of analog solutions at Skyworks. “These devices demonstrate that Skyworks is once again at the forefront of technology innovation – leveraging our technical breadth, depth and commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions.”

Mobile operators are driving carrier aggregation to help increase the efficiency and speed of today’s saturated mobile networks, particularly as consumers download an ever increasing amount of mobile content via smartphones. With the limited availability in the wireless spectrum, carriers are seeking innovative RF solutions as a means to fully utilize their allocated spectrum.

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