Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kyocera Connector Products develops series 5843 0.35mm-pitch board-to-board connector

JAPAN: Kyocera Connector Products Corp. released "Series 5843," 0.35mm-pitch Board-to-Board Connector, mounted in smartphones, tablet PCs, and other mobile devices.

Since the number of components to be mounted is increasing in diversified electronic devices, higher density package is required for using the limited space on the printed circuit board, effectively realizing smaller and thinner products.

This newly developed "Series 5843" is narrower than Kyocera's 0.4mm-pitch existing products by 0.05mm, and also a space-saving product with 0.8mm of stacking height (clearance between boards) and 2.4mm wide.

By placing this product on the market, Kyocera Connector Products will contribute to electronics devices requiring smaller, thinner, and higher density package technologies.

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