Monday, May 20, 2013

TTI Asia presents “2012 Supplier Excellence Awards" to Vishay

SINGAPORE: TTI Asia are extremely pleased to announce that Vishay Intertechnology Asia had been recognized for the Diamond Award and Supplier Excellence Award, Gold from TTI in 2012. This is also the third consecutive year that Vishay has achieved winning the awards.

Vishay Intertechnology Asia has achieved the highest scores in all major related areas of the supplier program in 2012 and also the highest accolade being the Diamond Award for the best overall score.

The Supplier Assessment Scheme is centered on quality measurements which include: on-time delivery, receiving quality, customer quality, administrative quality and business systems. In addition, there also are performance measurements including sales results, profitability and percentage growth.

This is the sixth year that TTI Asia has presented the Supplier Excellence Awards; the objective of this program is to foster continuous improvement in supplier and distributor performance, by providing monthly performance results to all suppliers and holding regular review meetings. Overall supplier performance has substantially improved since the inception of the recognition program and TTI Asia is thrilled with the results that enable us to provide excellence on time delivery and quality to our end customers .

TTI Asia is extremely pleased to present the awards to Vishay Asia, in recognition of their highest levels of service and quality support to TTI in the past years.

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