Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Larson announces release of corrosion resistant explosion proof emergency light

USA: Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful explosion proof fluorescent emergency light that has been designed to provide emergency backup operation and the ability to withstand wet and corrosive environmental conditions.

The HALP-EMG-48-2L-T5HO Class 1 Division 2 Emergency Fluorescent Light is built from corrosion resistant materials and features T5 HO fluorescent tubes for high output and a built in battery backup system for continued operation in the event of power failures.

The HALP-EMG-48-2L-T5HO Class 1 Division 2 emergency fluorescent light from Larson Electronics provides operators in hazardous locations with a failsafe lighting solution capable of providing illumination in the event of power failures while also withstanding the damaging effects of corrosive environments. This explosion proof emergency light looks and operates like a standard fluorescent fixture, but incorporates a corrosion resistant housing and emergency backup battery system that provides a failsafe lighting option and the ability to withstand the effects of a corrosive operating environment.

The housing on this unit is constructed with a glass fiber reinforced polyester housing with poured in gasket for reliable sealing and an impact resistant acrylic diffuser cover for even light distribution and high durability. Stainless steel latches provided added protection against corrosion and secure the acrylic diffuser to the housing to prevent drips and water intrusion. Light output is provided by a pair of T5HO fluorescent lamps which produce a combined total of 10,000 lumens of light output, making this unit ideal for illuminating larger areas such as work stations, walkways, storage areas, and anywhere large scale coverage is needed.

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