Wednesday, May 8, 2013

High-speed logic gate optocoupler meets higher isolation requirements

USA: Designers working with industrial applications need to transmit high speed data reliably in environments where noise – in the form of voltage transients and ground loop currents – is common.

They also need to meet stringent new safety standards, such as IEC-62109, the international standard for solar inverters. At the same time, designers need solutions that are flexible, and that take up less board space while reducing bill of material costs.

To meet this challenge, Fairchild Semiconductor developed the FOD8160, a high noise immunity logic gate optocoupler with Optoplanar technology in a wide body 5-pin small outline package (SOP).

The FOD8160 allows designers the flexibility of incorporating the isolation on the high voltage side of the circuit, or replacing two smaller creepage/clearance distance digital isolators or optocouplers. In addition, the device has a Viorm (max repetitive peak isolation voltage) of 1414V and a creepage/clearance distance of 10mm, which is much greater than the standard high speed optocouplers. This is a must for designs that require a Viorm value of equal to or greater than 1000V.

By combining reliable isolation and excellent noise immunity characteristics in a small footprint, the FOD8160 allows system engineers to design a robust system, with a low transmission and error rate. Additionally, the device provides low system failure rate and proven reliability over extended periods of time as required for industrial systems, at a low cost of design and component.

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