Monday, May 6, 2013

Larson releases 3,000W pneumatic light tower with 330,000 lumen output

USA: Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 3,000 watt metal halide light tower capable of illuminating 3+ acres with 330,000 lumens of quality illumination.

Featuring three 1,000 watt metal halide lamps and a pneumatically extended tower, the  PLM-18-3X1000W Pneumatic Light Tower provides an ideal lighting solution for large operations requiring powerful illumination that can be easily deployed and operated.

The PLM-18-3X1000W Pneumatic Light Tower  from Larson Electronics takes industrial work lighting to a new level by combining the high output of metal halide fixtures with a pneumatic mast powered by compressed air. This powerful lighting system is designed to withstand the demanding conditions found on industrial and commercial work sites and as result can effectively serve in a wide variety of applications from road construction to event lighting.

This is a high output tower system that provides 330,000 lumens of illumination capable of covering 3+ acres with bright white light in a wide flood pattern. The three metal halide lamps on this tower offer efficient operation and good contrasting and color rendering, making them ideal for work sites where revealing fine details and performing close work is critical to job performance.

Each lamp features a 16 inch aluminum housing and reflector assembly with heat treated glass lens for maximum output and durability. Each lamp is independently adjustable, allowing the operator to precisely control the beam direction of each lamp to eliminate shadowing and excessive beam overlapping. The entire lamp assembly is mounted to the top of the tower with a 24 inch long mounting plate than can be detached from the tower when it comes time for transport.

The tower mast itself is a three piece pneumatic unit that is raised from its base 8 foot height to 18 feet at full extension using compressed air. To extend the tower the operator simply powers on the included 1/3rd horsepower compressor to elevate the mast to the desired height. This pneumatic operation simplifies setup and reduces the time and labor involved by removing the need for tiring hand winches or cranks that can oftentimes take considerable effort to operate.

Power for the metal halide lamps is supplied through an internal harness that routes through the mast, preventing the harness from becoming exposed during operation and protecting against fraying and damage.

The PLM-18-3X1000W light tower is designed to be directly mounted to trailers for easier mobility or dedicated platforms for maximum stability and includes a 12 inch square by ½ inch thick mounting bracket that has been predrilled to accept ¾ inch bolts for easier installation. This high power light tower is an ideal solution for just about any application where high power and easy deployment is needed and provides operators with the effective illumination they need to maintain productivity and safety well after the sun has gone down.

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